about me



Hi, I am Brock Hammit


I am a former Division 1 player turned hitting coach. In addition to coaching, I also perform analysis. I’m proficient in SQL and R and use both frequently. I also have a working proficiency in Spanish.


My mission is to make data easy for players and coaches to understand, and influence change in the cage and in the batter's box. 


My work prior to 2020 can be found here on this site and major publications that featured my work are linked below.


2020-2022 coach in the Milwaukee Brewers Organization.


Without going into specifics, in addition to my on field coaching duties here are some things I did during my tenure with the Brewers.


  • Created and implemented a way of training and tracking swing decisions for our extended spring training program.

    • Made leaderboards and visuals that were presented to the player group following the training.

  • Created a spreadsheet tool that allowed each affiliate to track their daily training practices.

    •  Subsequently created a dashboard that displayed the results of the data.

  • Completed research projects under R&D supervision.

  • Created advanced scouting reports for the entire coaching staff at rookie levels.


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a podcast about exploring skill acquisition and

analytics for player development.