about me


I am a player development professional that specializes in hitting. After finishing my collegiate playing career in 2018, I began teaching myself SQL and R and have since completed many projects using both. In 2019 I started working towards Spanish fluency including over 80-plus hours of live tutoring.


I use data science to explore, analyze, and communicate different findings as it relates to hitting. I focus on communicating different observations to hitters and other staff members to collaboratively alter training or the hitter’s in-game approach to improve on-field results. I am also always seeking new ways to understand and evaluate a hitter’s performance with available technology. 


My coaching philosophies are heavily influenced by ecological dynamics and constraints led approach for skill acquisition. I am always trying to create training environments that are as game-like as possible. My main goals are to come up with large scale training solutions that drive on-field performance and are logistically feasible to incorporate.


2020-2021 coach in the Milwaukee Brewers Organization.


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