Why AVG Exit Velo Is A Bad Stat

I have often said that I am not a fan of using average exit velocity because of how many outliers ( miss-hits) are included in the sample. There are a lot of people that like to use the player's AVG exit velocity as a way to downplay the importance of exit velocity and training exit velocity. However, when you look at the average exit velocity on balls just moderately hit well (85 mph +) You can really see how important exit velocity is even at the highest level where some assume, all players pop is "good enough". So, I split all qualified batters from '18 into 4 tiers based off their AVG 85+ EV, with each tiers collective wOBA. I think this table clearly shows how much performance can be left on the table even in the major leagues.

The rankings of the players with 25 highest 85 + AVG Exit Velo on the left. The rankings of the players with 25 lowest 85 + AVG Exit Velo on the right.

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